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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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mother about the san francisco police department identification of a person of interest. we are live in the city was why that man slipped through the cracks during the initial investigation. >> reporter: well we learned about the multiple aliases and a criminal history that police are calling a person of interest and 10 -year-old kevin kevin collins remains frozen in time he disappeared while walking home from school in 1984. >> this case is a case that haunts the san francisco police department and the place of san francisco and the police revealed new details about wayne jackson described as a person of interest. last night ktvu was there as investigators left the home of kevin collins mother after showing her these photos. jackson died in 2008 and he fits the physical description of the
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man the kevin collins was last seen talking to. >> he lived far -- not far from where the abduction happened he yet a dog similar to the dogs of the suspects seem to have. >> eyewitnesses and research of this house in 1984 failed to conclusively tied to the case. investigators today said jackson had five different identities and the history of kidnapping, lewd acts and sexual assault against the boys in canada and one at f isherman's wharf in the years before kevin collins disappears . cold case investigators develop new leads property in search of jackson's old house last month. that's search turned up what appeared to be animal bones and police are turning to the public. >> what we're looking for now is anybody that saw this guy back in 1984, anybody that talked to this guy back in 1984. >> reporter: lycie they talked to jackson's former longtime roommate about this case and they declined to answer if they found his old car and after -- if it yielded any
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clues reporting live in san francisco david stephenson ktvu newsbreak >> reporter: we just headed off kevin collins mother and two of the sisters and they will bring us today's thoughts on the new developments in investigation is a move forward later on in this newscast. >> a two alarm fire was caused by a space heater the fire broke out about 11:45 a.m. this morning in a house the 1100 block of keith avenue not far from euclidean news chopper to was over the scene as flames involved nationals that home and the fire was accidental and that was caused by a space heater that had been placed too close to a bed. no one was in the house at the time and people in nearby homes where evacuated as a precaution. authorities say crews encounter some tough conditions. >> there are a lot of trees, road
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access is narrow, you can we had to extend this hose quite a ways to get into the building and that made access challenging. >> the firefighters where able to quickly contain the fire and unfortunately -- fortunately, no one was hurt. the rain that chief meteorologist bill morrison has been talking about for the past week is almost here. live in the weather center, there is a relief after such a dry january. >> third driest january on record in san francisco we have rain coming to look at your day tomorrow on the morning commute and here is a system i am tracking it is a nice-looking weather system that is not a big one it will not drop 2 inches of rain. after it moves in, look at the cold air behind it, snow levels are going to come down significantly as we get into this i may be down to 2500 feet and if you come in close you can the clouds still city north are working their way in and as we get into tomorrow, we're going to some showers in the bay area
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and this forecast will impact the community so i will run a computer model for you and we will check it out. >> thank you. as we just mentioned, we sat down with kevin collins mother and two of his sisters this afternoon after the san francisco police department brought new information on the decade-old the same child case and live in haworth with the moment that and collins got killed. >> that is right, she had a wave of emotions over the last week and now nearly three decades later she can put a face on a man who may have killed her son. >> we heard his background, i just got chills. 's. >> reporter: late this afternoon i sat down with and collins for conversation and she does not recognize the person of interest , the man back in february 1984 was -- from the family home.. >> he got away with murder. he never had to face a court of
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law with almost anything he did apparently. he will face a higher court. >> last night we saw san francisco inspectors leaving her home and they showed her the picture of [indiscernible] and let them know that they where taking it to the public to hope to generate new leads. >> this is as much as we're ever going to know about what happened -- what happened. >> reporter: two of his sisters where there and today they sat down with us to talk about the case about the new photo. >> killers generally don't look like killers. he did not look menacing and large and overwhelming. the biggest thing for me, they moved all of these years from a missing person case to a homicide. >> reporter: kevin collins last seen 29 years ago and now a picture of a deceased criminal who police say may have kidnapped and killed him. >> reporter: the family's thoughts on whether san francisco police may have missed an
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opportunity 29 years ago we will have the story for you tonight on ktvu channel two news live, and hayward, ktvu channel two news. you can follow this by going to our website ktvu .com and you will find under the news tab. and all of a sudden fran -- and san francisco cable car stopped by the middle the street causing people to slam into each other and what lodged in the track that caused the accident. noel? >> reporter: some pretty scary stuff this afternoon right now the cable cars are back online but the accident happened where you the writing of the ready to sue the cable cars are working but it stopped the most popular line for several hours today. >> reporter: eutelsat -- you think of san francisco without thinking of cable cars they're usually checking of the city's iconic hills packed with tourists. today the city's busiest line,
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was stacked up sitting in the middle of the street. >> there where eight or nine cars on this line. so you can save 50 to 55 people per car. it was pretty busy. >> reporter: @-at-sign 10:20 a.m. today a cable car hit able to lodged into the track and it stopped the car dead and we lost one person off of the vehicle and >> people crashing into each other and >> reporter: 10 people where injured and three where treated at the scene and to cable car operators and five passengers where taken to the hospital. there are the injuries where life-threatening that a spokeswoman said one of the patients went code three which is usually considered life-threatening injuries. she explained that he was elderly which elevated the level of care and tonight the police department major accident investigation team are looking into how the bold, track and why the car suddenly
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stopped. >> you should clear up soon to do some test runs. >> three and a half hours after the accident the city looked like his old self. >> reporter: the first few cars to go over this area where going slowly but now they seem to be going on schedule. they do not think that bolt was placed maliciously to cause an accident they still want to know how i got their reporting live in san francisco noel walker ktvu channel two news. >> investigation into a 13 -year-old girl's body took a new turn today police are speaking out against that gruesome discovery for the first time. we are live with the two new developments on one key question that police have yet to answer. >> this has been going the last five days and have taken officers that want to hold a press conference and today they did not release any new details except to say that there is the fbi's
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involved in this case and it has now been ruled a homicide. >> janel conway allen described her as a sweet and kind young girl. today police out there doing all the cap to find out who killed a 13 -year-old. >> we want to catch the people responsible for this crime and we want to make sure we can present an appropriate case to determine what happened. >> she was reported missing last thursday lesson 24 hours later her naked body was found in the sparking fear filled dumplings police will say how she died and today we went to the area where she was last seen. there are several surveillance cameras in that area of fact one capture this picture of janel ramis pink backpack. >> i was like i know that little girl, she is supposed to be so much one of my friends but a friend of the circle. >> reporter: that circle included her younger sister which was a good friend of janel's. >> race to take them out to eat and take them to the mom. >> reporter: police have not released any suspect information
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and the family released a statement which they think the public for their support and you'll hear more on that to my coming up at 6:00 o'clock police are asking parents to teach their kids extra effort to keep them safe live ktvu news, channel two. >> a family member died in a house art today despite a neighbor's robe effort to save him the fire broke out on 5:00 a.m. on that to drive a neighbor has some noise when outside and saw flames from next door she banged on the door but after getting no response she pulled out a garden hose and started to douse the flames. firefighters ended up pulling the man from the home and put out the flames and 20 minutes unfortunately the man did not survive. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a woman accused of being an accessory the killing of? abusinessman plans to plead not guilty next week. that is according to the attorney for raven dixon
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prosecutors say they plan to seal the evidence against her on friday. three men, d'angelo osten, happier garcia and lucas anderson are all accused of murdering [indiscernible] during a robbery at his home and the judges said he will consider combining dixon's case with affairs at a hearing a week from today. a bomb scare targeting the offices of the lawrence berkeley lab prompted a massive evacuation on a six-hour search. the threat came in at 7:00 o'clock this morning at the emory station east office building and police will save the threat came in the form of a note or a phone call. uc berkeley police, the sheriffs department the us coast guard homeland security all responded. workers where evacuated from the building and another one across the street for officers and bomb sniffing dogs searched the offices. >> i got here at 6:00 a.m. for work and i started hearing coworkers come in saying was a bomb threat. and then i thought why haven't
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we evacuated or something and [indiscernible] [indiscernible] and then they started evacuating us. >> it wrapped up at 1:00 p.m. was no one [indiscernible] and everyone went back inside. boy scouts are postponing their decision on lifting the ban on gay members until maybe the vote was expected today on a proposal that would allow local troops to decide whether or not to allow gay scouts board members say they need more time to gather feedback in the group of the executive board will prepare a resolution for voting members to consider at a meeting in may. >> the humanitarian organization world vision so the people where killed in tsunami waves up to 5 feet tall so than not to say south pacific. the eight-point oh earthquake off of the solomon islands and followed by dozens of aftershocks these pictures of muddy debris from world vision these pictures and debris covered a runway is hindering aid workers from getting to the island. on the island of santa cruz, between 70 and 80 homes where damaged. smoke filled the skies in the
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city of damascus today during heavy fighting between government forces and rebels. and the us military is remotely involved in this conflict. us patriot missile went operational in nearby turkey yesterday some 38 miles from the syrian border. us deployment along with similar missions by germany and holland is aimed at defending ally turkey from a cost -- cross-border action wisteria. getting ready for the real thing we will head out to [indiscernible] as the crews prepare for ocean rescue him some advice they have that could save a life. a protected predator, why the great white shark is to be off-limits in california. [music] >> that headband looks ridiculous.
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♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ it happens in an instant, a wave switch yet to several people have been killed by these sneaker
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waves and that led to a very realistic training operation today and also a key piece of advice for everyone. >> preparing for the next ocean rescue, members of the coast guard took part in a training exercise this morning off of mavericks near half moon bay. this is prompted by several recent deaths around northern california, people swept out to sea by sneaker waves including a father and son. lieutenant in culver told me today it is tough on the crews on the can't save someone. >> when you sit down and realize people don't make it back, that is pretty emotional. >> reporter: over the holidays several people drown trying to rescue loved ones and in some cases, their dogs. not a good idea. >> please don't go after your pets. they're going to come back and unfortunately the situations we have in dealing with, people are going in after their pets and their
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pets come back find that the people aren't coming back. >> reporter: today the coast guard was joined by state park lifeguards to warn the public about the dangers of high surf and roadways. for this exercise a member of the coast guard will be put out into the water and act as a swimmer and distress. the crew and the helicopter will work on the rescue techniques. >> it is difficult with the crashing waves to be on the hook from the helicopter and the swimmers are in the water and the wave will take them and push them survivors underwater. >> the coast guard is planning to do more of this kind of training in response to what rescuers called a tragic past few months. and half moon bay alex savage channel two news. a meeting in the city college of san francisco is set to save the school's accreditation. faculty staff and students perform the save safety coalition they want to fight austerity move in
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restructuring in response to the accreditation threat to pull the school's accreditation and shut it down in june. the meeting is set for 6:00 o'clock at the mission campus at 1125 north district. and business sales fell by more than half of san francisco last month according to a new report of san francisco in january 31 companies price below $2 million where sold there where 66 sold 1 year a go. the report says the drop writing because sales where pushed in december and there is a higher capital gains tax in 2013 and despite the poor sales the long-term outlook positive. on wall street stocks in the mostly flat today and investors pulled back from a recent rally in the dow was up seven points announced that was down less than one point it appears to be down by three points and the s&p 500 was up almost one point. the police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap an 11 -year-old girl. please released this sketch of the suspect is described as a white man in his thirties with white
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-- light-colored hair the girl was riding her bike on emerson street monday afternoon and a man tried to grab her arm. she screamed and managed to get away and the girl said the man yelled he was going to kidnap her. and police also have added extra patrols since the incident. a man who confessed to a 2010 killing of an palo alto activist has been released from jail. gregory [indiscernible] was let go after dropping first-degree murder charges against him police said he was violated -- his renter rights are violated and they hoped to keep him in jail on a weapons charge that his attorney says he has served more time that a potential sentence in the state attorney general is appealing the decision. the great white shark moved a step closer to being listed as being threatened or endangered. the california fish and game commission named a great white as a candidate for the
5:20 pm
endangered species list and environmental say sharks are killed during fishing and they mature and reproduce slowly. others argue the shark population is not in decline. fish and game staff will conduct a one-year review before a final decision is made. the appointment of a san francisco supervisor to the post of assessor recorder has opened up a seat on the board. the appointment of carmen she was announced this morning and she will take over the role next month and the property is generating a large portion of the city's revenue. >> to be able to fund public services to be able to fund police services, children services, health services, these are things that can be accomplished only have a firm financial footing i look forward to -- the district includes a [indiscernible] neighborhoods and they will appoint a new supervisor to fill the vacancy. let's talk about our weather, he talked about at the beginning of the newscast
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rain is on the way? >> i think it will be some rain, maybe a quarter of an inch and the heaviest locations but for winter, that is nothing, you think it will bring an intern in june after parts of the bay area and the most we will is a half inch in the santa cruz mountains. here is a story, there is the position coming in tomorrow, late morning commute will be a little bit wet and temperatures will drop down we're going to stay cooler air mass movement. here we are right now need to the radar since going up you something about eureka and this is the system you can the front edge of that working his way down and he will get down here, it is a slow mover and so often colder does not hold a lot of water this is one of those mid- avenue qto lower latitude storms and this kept coming out of lower latitudes and there where tons of rain and this is coming from the lower regions and the snow level will come down and rainfall accumulations [indiscernible] any
5:22 pm
real nice day today with temperatures in the upper fifties in a couple of low sixties and we had some process morning and you'll find some frost tomorrow morning and temperatures are going to be in the mid- thirties in the cool spots map or thirties in the upper spots and around the bay, low forties and rain showers get going and tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., that is the beginning of the morning commute and the dynamics, the system is starting to show up. here comes, this is what we have been tracking the last couple of days i will retract in the bay area at 8:00 a.m., that is the heart of it, you have rain in redwood city, showers, rain in downtown san francisco at adm during the morning commute. and anytime you have this many people living around it is a big bay area morning commute and most p eople, when i commute i would leave around 8:00 a.m. so now 10:00 a.m. is late in the commute in oakland, looks like someone
5:23 pm
are there so this is the latest computer model when i come back i will step right to the next couple of days in and the showers are going to linger into friday as well you can plan out the rest of your day on thursday and friday and note cool air coming in is going to be jacket weather, it will be cool so that 545 we will look at the five-day forecast. we will you back then. we are learning about a horrible accident right after the super bowl but killed to family members of a player on the 49ers. also we will tell you who downloaded the 25 zillion songs from itunes and the cool prize that he got from apple. was good is [indiscernible] if you cannot find a charging station, the [indiscernible] being pushed by the government. >> also, from no heat to mold
5:24 pm
and the walls we share your dangerous condition survey local area apartment building. herewith as landlord has promised to do tonight on ktvu channel two news at 6:00 o'clock. >> q ♪ ♪
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listen up. [music] that is the sound of a monkey drum remix of the 25 billionth song downloaded from the itunes store apple identified fellow palooka from germany esalen the downloaded that song and he was well rewarded the company gave him an itunes gift card worth more than $13,500. >> a bay area the start of the supports the growth of the electric vehicle
5:27 pm
industry is shutting down its north american australian operations. the palo alto company better place is creating a network of battery swapping stations of the problem is the san francisco business times said the concept is not getting traction in the united states of the company was to focus on markets and israel and denmark where has had some success. the once hot electric vehicle company has raised $750 million as a starter. all of this comes as the federal government is launching a new initiative to help more americans use electric plug in vehicles and jacqueline explains how your employer could make it easier for you to charge up and take off. >> reporter: at the auto show the new chevy spark doesn't have an engine that is all electric and the chevy volt is available in vibrant colors. electric cars are sprinkled throughout the show room with promises 14 brand-new models in the next 18 months. there is a roadblock for electric cars. >> how close you can find
5:28 pm
battery stops for charging them, it is going on but i'm not saying easy access as gas stations. >> the government agrees that is why it is pushing companies to install charging stations the company signed a pledge at a department of energy department of energy plans and installs the government expense. >> half of us us have accessed off street parking and wordier spent the rest of your time in the next places the work place. >> we found out there a lot of charging stations and a fuel-efficient car is growing. and nearly 200 percent in the past year. but still only accounts for 3 percent of total auto sales. >> reporter: ideally the government would like to charging stations grab as interest grows in america.
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the winter flu outbreak as an upside for one company oakland -based clorox reported a jump of 50 percent of the second quarter sales up many products items such as disinfecting wipes in the company reported a product of hundred $23 million or 93 cents a share. with postal downsizing coming, this won't be an endangered species, just a little bit less well fed. development out of sonoma county with the sheriff said was behind the homicide of three men. [music] >> hello?
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel two news at 5:00 o'clock.
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450 years we have in getting our mail delivered on saturday, but that won't be the case for much longer. today the u.s. postal service said is going to stop service on saturday later this summer and our consumer editor is in [indiscernible] tonight tells us some mail will be delivered but some won't. tom? >> reporter: that is exactly right, as of august, think about it. normal mail, letters, bills, magazines will not be arriving to be picked up at your home or business on saturdays. the post office is drowning in a sake of ready has to stop the bleeding. >> the choices to change the service or raise prices on people don't want prices raise so we will make changes to service. >> reporter: it will save $2 billion a year, critical since the postal service lost 16 million last year alone. post offices will be open on saturdays and if you have a po box, you will be able to get your mail
5:33 pm
delivered to that on saturday. >> not to get letters on saturday would be probably an inconvenience. i am used to getting my mail on saturday. >> reporter: packages will come to your mail on saturdays as well prescriptions and express mail and postal customers we met today said, >> i know it is inconvenient and sometimes you do what you have to do to balance the budget and pay the bills as a country. >> it is the right thing to do so is going to be hard to tighten our belt and get used to. >> reporter: people from this country of croatia are used to it. >> on monday to friday they deliver it except for saturday. >> reporter: concerns remain. >> for myself, no problem but for business, a problem. >> more mail coming on monday so it is going to
5:34 pm
backlog everything. >> reporter: the final decision is up to congress. that may or may not go along. ktvu channel two is. >> more details, since 2006 it has cut its annual -- by $50 million in the workforce has been reduced by 28 percent mainly by attrition in the postal service also reduce the number of processing centers due to closure our consolidation. a number of school districts has been ordered to repay money in exchange for feeding some of the state's poorest children in the state oversight office of the department of education ordered repayment statewide of nearly $170 million. the department of education is expected to [indiscernible] the district where using the money for something other than food services and the biggest offender was the los angeles unified school district accused of
5:35 pm
appropriating a hundred $50 million over six years. three men in southern california have been arrested for delivering bath salts in the first case involving the sale of the synthetic drug. joshua wright is the owner of head shops in thousand oaks and would park and he and terrel and jonathan reader where arrested for health codes and 50 health code violations and they supplied illegal drugs from utah warehouse bath salts can cause seizures and hallucinations. a victim died today has a result of the two are bass tour bus crash in san bernardino county brad richardson was driving a pickup truck and the bus hit head-on along state highway [indiscernible] and it was transporting people back to tijuana at a ski trip and the other seven deaths where on the bus. the driver told investigators the brakes on the bus failed as a was coming down the mountain road. the aunt and uncle of san francisco 49ers tied in, dylan the walker where killed just outside of
5:36 pm
new orleans by suspected drunk driver and it happened just hours after the super bowl. walker posed for this picture during saturday's super bowl practice with alice and brian deyoung of southern california, the two also attended the game they where stop along interstate 10, @-at-sign 5:30 a.m. monday morning at st. charles parish when another vehicle slammed into them. the other driver, 26 rolled nichole thomason houston was not her, she has been charged with driving under the influence and vehicular homicide. stoops -- new information on a triple homicide in rural sonoma county and [indiscernible] joins us live and we have a sheriff department telling us a drug deal led to the killings. >> reporter: it was in a home tucked behind those trees, just visible from the roadway where the bodies where discovered, three men shot dead one man was identified as 26 rolled [indiscernible] he was
5:37 pm
known around here. late today share button to buy late today sheriff threatened by two other men, 46 rolled richard [indiscernible] of new york and todd krukowski of boulder, his 42 years old the sheriff's department says all three men where media madhouse to buy a lae amount of pot. >> reporter: the crime scene is guarded by the sheriff department is a short walk for neighbor [indiscernible] to his home, several road. >> it is kind of eerie, nothing ever happens here. >> reporter: he says he met the victim but only knows what he has heard through the grapevine that this was a marijuana deal gone bad. >> [indiscernible] >> the sheriff's department confirms the men where in the house for a drug deal and they where going to buy a significant amount of pot. >> we believe these three where all associated with each other and there was another involved party. >> reporter: the bodies where discovered yesterday afternoon by butler's brother investigators found a
5:38 pm
small amount of marijuana (- left-parenthesis hyper three victims at once makes this unusual but the criminals van is not. >> most of our violent crime is related to marijuana and the growing of marijuana. >> reporter: the sheriff's department did not provide a description of the other involved party. the shooter, who fled the scene, after the shooting took place. according to the sheriff's department, around noon yesterday. in sonoma county, ktvu channel two is. everyone has a favorite, we're talking monopoly pieces, the temple, the the dog, the iron by the half but one of them is out and a new one will take its place. keeping students safe at school, why the focus is on sports and the methods that they propose. [music] >> you can't move the tv there.
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5:42 pm
on its new of line after, pine allows users to share short videos to their smart phones. the problem is some folks began uploading pornographic images. now twitter vine is restricted to people 17 and older. the app also warns the sum of videos might contain intense sexual content, nudity, profanity or violence. you may be familiar with the phrase loping around the house and researchers at kansas state and southern illinois university say that phrase has moved to the office they call a cyber americans spend 60 percent to 80 percent of their time at work updating facebook, shopping online, or watching silly videos. and people who knew they where being monitored did not reduce their time until they where shown an example of a coworker who was reprimanded. a disappointing message today with? atrader loss than expected the san francisco website reported.
5:43 pm
aloss of 8 cents a share and they expected a loss of 5 cents in revenue came in higher than expected and the company is reporting strong growth in the reviews where off 45 percent last year and the stock stock dropped as much as 5 percent in after-hours t rading. monopoly fans voted at the iron token and replaced it with a feline, the latest addition to the board game. the maker of monopoly has announced the token change this morning after voting on facebook closed at night was the first time the fans had a say in the token selection. more than 1 million voted. this cap to beat out five other options including a robot and a diamond ring. a game of strategy debuted back in 1935. a look of the 18th hole at pebble beach and we will give you a close-up view of the celebrities that come out can what they have to say.
5:44 pm
>> back in 10 minutes, we're also going to show you showers in your forecast and i have the timeline for the showers, the latest computer model. the latest only come back. >> hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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golf pros are mixing up the celebrities of pebble beach today as part of the at&t national pro am golf tournament that starts tomorrow for. we are in pebble beach this evening was some of the stars taking part in a celebrity challenge. hi robert. >> reporter: we are at the 18th hole at pebble beach you can't always say it
5:47 pm
but today was perfect weather for golf including the celebrity challenge. >> he was luis in the news. >> they luis singer -- bay area singer huey lewis and other celebrities in the golf war where bringing their game, good and bad, to pebble beach pro am it is a big spot for the pros and even for the a mateurs. >> the competitive advantage, we look forward to it every year, gets easier to be honest. you're not quite as nervous because you realize people don't care how you play. >> reporter: the pressure makes top movie stars humble. >> it definitely changes. you're used to playing with you or three idiot friends and now you are playing in front of all of these people who are expecting you to be able to hit the golf ball. >> reporter: and added pressure for performers, playing golf and playing to the crowd.
5:48 pm
>> keep your head down and talk about fiber. i don't know. >> reporter: all of this beautiful scenery is expected to change and the weather was perfect for golf and it could be windy and wet starting t omorrow. >> usually it rains for an hour to a there is a shower here and there but is not terrible so i will keep my fingers crossed. >> reporter: during today's weather, huey lewis beat up bill murray, kenny g, andy garcia and other stars in today's challenge for charity and more from the celebrities tonight at 10:00 o'clock live from pebble beach ktvu channel two is. a couple vacationing in hawaii had? aclose encounter with a humpback whale caught on camera. >> reporter: super close. a few visitors from arizona where paddling and out rigor a few hundred yards offshore and they slow down and we're going to show to
5:49 pm
you again a humpback whale jumped off of the water next to the boat, jostling the people inside, the whale swam away and no one was hurt. a new study shows that the planets may be a lot closer to earth than previously thought. astronomers reported today that the closest habitable planet could be 13 light years away, that is as close as a next-door neighbor and galactic terms and they also believe these planets are more plentiful. a possible four and a half million of them and inside the limits of our own galaxy. house speaker john weiner announced that marco rubio of florida will deliver the republican response to the present state of the union address the speeches will be delivered next tuesday and the republican address to the nation will focus on the party's agenda to help the middle-class. rubio was elected in 2010 and is considered a rising star in the republican party and he will deliver the speech in english and spanish. a never before california
5:50 pm
truck is about to be deployed that could save taxpayers money but it also comes with a warning about potential danger. our reporter gives you a sneak peek at the technology. >> reporter: just wait until you with this never before used california snow plow is about to do. >> have you seen anything like this? >> reporter: ready, set, watch. no, this is not it trailer that is jack and i think it is another way, a snow plow that can deploy on the move, to remove snow over two lanes of traffic at one time. >> that was impressive. >> reporter: this is a tow plow and we are given a sneak peek of a final test run before it goes into operational injury -- interstate 80, this plow could make snow fighting more efficient this year and save taxpayers on diesel to -- you'll ever time it is used. however. >> i think it is going to cause
5:51 pm
a some alarm. >> i would urge people to be cautious. >> reporter: stan richards and the man that worked for eight years as warning anyone heading into the sierra to beware, he says every driver should be on the lookout for this unique on the move slinging played and should never try to drive around a. to avoid accidents on the snow finally hits. >> there'll be a learning curve with the public. >> alumnus plow was first deployed they're going to target a fat -- a flat stretch of i aa the construction just to ensure the first day goes smoothly. in this area -- in the sierra, channel two news. the way things are going we are not going to need this no fluff for a while. there is not that much snow up there. >> there'll be a winter weather advisory in the mountains that will last through friday snow levels will be low, three or 4 inches of snow, maybe five or six at some of the higher elevations but it is not going to be a lot of anything. we will a quarter of an inch of rain around here and now the
5:52 pm
great. and this is the forecast for tonight and maybe some fog and partly cloudy and showers are going to return tomorrow morning. the timeline for the showers are just about the time, 7:00 a.m. rad and we will some showers and they will work their way into the central pay about nine or 10:00 o'clock in the morning and over the weekend it is all gone and the storm will not hit oakland did all that will just squeeze this in and that is that. tomorrow morning, the morning commute, harry r, tomorrow midmorning central base at this point you have the north bay and showers in san jose in the redwood city in dc and move often lingers in the mountains and so that is tomorrow night and we get into friday night late, thursday night late, friday morning and this may be a chance for some thundershowers it is the strongest dynamic aggressor and you will a move often that is the deal and more than likely
5:53 pm
overnight friday night two or three in the morning and it is a very transit system and it is just going to help a little but not as much as i would like to a and if you're going to the mountains to ski or what have you, the roads will be sketchy and a winter weather advisory will be in effect tomorrow and we get snow around auburn in places like that it makes it tough to travel. and as we go into the next 24 hours or so we're looking for temperatures to drop in friday as well. has so temperatures are laguna start to be a- the forecast high tomorrow is school but it is a cool system and 56 after some low sixties today in the five-day forecast, it is not enough but it will mess with the morning commute maybe
5:54 pm
the afternoon commute him out travel will be sketchy but not a big event in terms of weather. >> thank you. how people are cashing in for cleaning out of their [indiscernible]. >> 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the board of supervisors approved a legal structure to go ahead with
5:57 pm
[indiscernible] the four-year expansion project is scheduled to begin late next year at an estimated cost of $500,000,000.2 thirds of the money will come from hotel taxes and the project will add as much as 400,000 square feet of space and city officials say they have lost some bookings because the center right now is too small. county authorities are making good on vouchers handed out during a popular gun buyback program last month they handed out $42,000 in cash with another 70,000 and vouchers and 827,000 guns turn it on january 15th the district attorney announced that his office has collected over money to pay off those vouchers on the data read in them february 15th. go to the showcase theater complex and with her vouchers and between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. a nonprofit group that sponsors corporate
5:58 pm
responsibility is reporting on nanoparticles and is the group says particles of titanium dioxide in powdered sugar coat dunkin' donuts. it also wants to test other brands, pop tarts and other foods for unregulated and largely untested materials. the survey of 2500 companies just 26 responded and most did not know where the suppliers where using them. we are following the developments in the case of a 13 -year-old girl found dead in just two minutes what police shared about the case today and also the first public statement from the young girl's family. plus a [indiscernible] on the loose in concorde and we will talk to the owner and [indiscernible] from now on. >> ♪
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